A Brief Explanation of a Blind Spot Monitor

Here at Jack Ingram Volvo Cars in Montgomery, AL, our car experts have a goal to help our customers stay informed about the latest technologies available with our vehicles. Many newer vehicles are equipped with a blind spot monitoring system, but what does this feature do? Let's find out below.

A blind spot monitor can reduce the risk of lane-change collisions by alerting you when a vehicle moves into your blind spot zones. Blind spot monitors typically use technologies that include radars, sensors, and cameras, and some safety packages that are available with certain vehicles include a blind spot monitor.

Blind spot monitors can significantly enhance safety. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that driver-assist features, which include blind spot monitors and lane keeping systems, can reduce fatalities and injuries caused by lane drifting, and blind spot monitors may reduce lane-change collisions by 11 percent and lane-change collision injuries by 21 percent.


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