Stay Safer in a Volvo S60

People who prefer compact vehicles but do not want to sacrifice luxury choose to own an S60. The vehicle is loaded with luxurious amenities. The S60 is also one of the safest vehicles on the market. We have the newest models in our Jack Ingram Volvo Cars inventory. Visit our showroom and see. Schedule a test drive.

Standard safety systems include blind-spot monitoring. When traveling on the highway, a vehicle may veer into the S60's blind spot. Should the driver decide to change lanes unaware of the danger, a collision occurs. However, the warning system alerts the driver in advance by emitting a visual display to prevent disaster.

The system also features sensors that monitor the rear of the vehicle. If the driver attempts to backup and an obstacle enters the path, a collision occurs. But, when the system detects potential danger on either side of the vehicle's rear region, the driver receives a visual alert to stop.


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