See What the Volvo XC90 Includes for Performance

Performance is everything when you’re on the roads. The Volvo XC90 delivers some incredible performance features, making it such a popular luxury SUV. At Jack Ingram Volvo Cars, we’ll show you the engines, the available features, and more.

You get to choose from a few different engines based on the trim level you choose. You may have over 200 or 300 horsepower from a turbocharged, supercharged engine. You can also have a hybrid, delivering an electric motor for the ultimate fuel efficiency.

A variety of trim levels and packages can deliver a list of performance features to take advantage of. You’ll find everything from air suspension to paddle shifters. Of course, the XC90 wouldn’t be what it is without the various drive mode settings that you can choose from in order to personalize your driving experience. Eco, Dynamic, and Comfort modes allow you to be in control of how the vehicle handles.



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