Volvo XC40: It's the Small Touches

An electronic touchscreen in the middle of the dash with picture-perfect graphs and sound. That is what you will find in the Volvo XC40 among other things. This is the kind of vehicle that a person buys to enjoy both their everyday commutes, and to show off to their friends and loved ones.

There are nice little touches to the interior that you might not immediately have expected. Take the cabin storage space as an example. You have enough room in each door bin to store an average laptop worth of things in there.

The seating is everything that you would want from your Volvo. It is not only a comfortable seat itself, but it also gives you enough legroom to spread out and not be cramped when you are on your long commutes. This is a vehicle that knows what it is, and it tries to maximize its capabilities at all points in time.

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