Keeping an eye on your tires’ condition becomes an essential step for routine care. Look at the sidewalls for cracks and check the tread depth. Driving on worn tires creates many safety risks. Often, having the wrong air pressure in the tires represents a common care oversight.

All tires have a set psi. Air can escape the tires at a low pace, and you’ll lose some psi per month. Pinhole leaks speed up the loss. Adding air restores the proper levels, but damaged tires require replacing. Don’t go over the recommended psi, as overinflation also creates hazards.

Improper tire air pressure can ruin them. You also run into risks associated with poor traction and handling. Making sure the technician checks your tires at every oil change is advisable, but do your part by checking the psi routinely.

We can help drivers in Montgomery, AL with tire care. The service department at Jack Ingram Volvo Cars handles all sorts of routine maintenance requests.

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